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215/70R16 100S W/LAKE SL369 AT

WESTLAKE 215/70R16 100S W/LAKE SL369 AT

SKU: 21570R16100SWLAKESL369AT

The tough SL369 all-terrain is designed to tackle off-road and rocky conditions, head-on. Wide, deep grooves with switchback tread blocks provide optimal off-road traction during inclement conditions, while the tread pattern allows for a quiet and comfortable on-road drive. The SL369 is the go-to tire that offers a great balance of both on and off-road truck performance.

Benefits include:

  • Offers good traction on dry and wet surfaces
  • Low cost all terrain tyre
  • Performs well in light snow and winter conditions
  • Wide tread and multi-stepped grooves increases the surface agea to enhance traction in on and off-road conditions
  • Zig-zag groove design offers efficient water drainage and improved traction in wet conditions
  • Large block design improves stability and handling at high speed and cornering
  • Aggressive shoulder protectors improves grip and reduced sidewall penetrations in off-road conditions

Product technical details

Design/Patern: SL369 AT
Rim Size: 16
Width: 215
Height: 70
Speed/Weight rating: 100S
Side Wall:
215/70R16 100S W/LAKE SL369 AT
per tyre

1 X WESTLAKE 215/70R16 100S W/LAKE SL369 AT


Total: R1,580.00
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