Suspension testing & Replacement

The great battle against SA’s roads

Your vehicle’s suspension system is like your very own little army, taking a pounding every day on our South African roads. From giant potholes, railroad tracks, rain, gravel, and the occasional piece of scrap metal or other debris that we see too late to avoid, our combat troops in the form of suspension components, serve the front lines of your car.

Under these conditions, your springs, shock absorbers or struts, anti-roll bars, control arms and other parts, can get damaged or worn out from years of abuse.

At our Tonnesen fitment centres, we combine modern technology and old-fashioned service excellence when providing you with prompt and efficient service to assist you with all your suspension inspections and needs.

We use AP Plus Suspension products and offer a 1- year warranty. Since 1992, AP Plus is a leading manufacturer & exporter of suspension & steering parts for the automotive industry.

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