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750R16C 116/114N G90

GOODYEAR 750R16C 116/114N G90

SKU: 750R16C116114NG90

The Goodyear G90 is a tough, long lasting and high-performance tyre,  designed to bear heavy loads in all road conditions. It is suitable for fitment to vans and other light commercial vehicles. The Goodyear G90 is approved for military applications, it can get through the most difficult terrain such as soft soil, deep mud, grass and sand.  A pure off-road tyre with abundant traction and grip. The G90 is durable, fuel-efficient and offers excellent safety.

Benefits of the Goodyear G90 include:

  • Fuel efficient
  • Great steering response
  • Good traction in cornering
  • A comfortable and quiet drive
  • Robust and strong to take heavy loads with ease
  • Improved comfort
  • Anti clogging design
  • Great off-road performance and traction


Product technical details

Design/Patern: G90
Rim Size: 16
Width: 750
Height: 80
Speed/Weight rating: 116N
Side Wall:
750R16C 116/114N G90

1 X GOODYEAR 750R16C 116/114N G90


Total: R3,414.00

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